Lost Lost Boys Ultra

For two main reasons 2018 will be the last running of the Lost Boys 50 Mile Trail Run.


The reasons?

Reason 1.) Lack of numbers. Our small numbers in and of itself has never troubled me, ask those closest to me, I love the small race feel. However participation isn’t strong enough to continue beyond this year.

Reason 2.) The California State Park system has just informed me that they have once again raised the permit fee structure and has confirmed this increase will be in effect this year, next year, as well as all future years. The newly proposed structure just does not pencil- especially for such as small race that has such a large course footprint.

So that’s the bad news.

The good news? We all have an opportunity to make this the absolute best Ultramarathon race we’ve ever put on or run! And we can, we have it in us to do so. My one request from each of you is to keep the energy positive. Let us all work together, volunteers and runners, to make this the very best Lost Boys race ever.

Over the past 5 years we have put it all out there trying to revive my favorite ultra. This includes over a full year of preparation before the 2015 revamp-race was announced. Thank you to everyone for supporting this race and a Huge thank you to my wife Mary for supporting me in this journey.


Now, one last time, let’s send the Lost Boys Ultramarathon off right and let it go freely into the history of Ultrarunning.

We invite you to join us one last time on Race Day April 28, 2018.
Registration closes April 15, 2018! Register here.

Brian Gonzales, Lost Boys 50 RD


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1 Response to Lost Lost Boys Ultra

  1. Geezer Larry says:

    Legends, fables, ups, downs, hours of shared struggles, and brief moments of glory….ahh, but the memories endure to bring solace and contentment in the waning time of this grandest of all adventures. These things cannot be taxed, nor ever diminished. Thanks for the memories!


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