Can You Find the Lost Boys?


The first eighteen miles of the Lost Boys 50 course were conquered by a small band of five lost boys this weekend. This stretch of the course has plenty of climbs and is quite tough.

Brian the RD with the help of Larry drove the runners to Pinyon Wash in the middle of the Anza-Borrego Desert State park Saturday morning and sent them on their way.


Moments into the run, headed up Pinyon Wash.

After five miles of sandy steady uphill, runners scramble up the boulders and wind through the narrow canyon until they reach the mouth of the canyon and the open desert floor.


Boulders Aid Station, 5 miles into the race. Runners scramble for about 0.10 mile up and over these boulders.


After the Boulders Aid Station, the course weaves along the base of this narrow canyon.

The open desert stretch is exciting and memorable, there is no trail, just an unfamiliar network of desert washes – you can truly imagine yourself as a “lost boy” here. Once you learn where your target is, on the other side of the desert floor,  your instincts easily kick in and you are pulled toward the distant split in the fence.


“Lost Girls” Mary Lou and Melanie exiting the mouth of the canyon and entering the open desert stretch.

Can you find the lost boys?

In the next series of photos can pick out the band of Lost Boys BJ, Joe and Gabe- Yes they are in every one of the next photos:



Just getting started, easy to find here.



See ’em?

LB50_tr_d3 - Zoom

Here’s a hint from the previous photo



Lost Boys Gabe, BJ, and Joe


Do you see them?



I hope they know where they’re going. Can you find our boys?

LB50_tr_d10 - zoom

Hint from the last photo.

After the open desert stretch the five runners ascended a series of dry waterfalls (this is a highlight of the race for many). Then continued to climb and then descend Pinyon Mountain. About a mile after transitioning onto the California Riding and Hiking trail the runners crossed over the historic Foot and Walker Pass then crossed over the expanse of the dry lake bed.

Can you again find our lost boys?


Our runners are on the dirt road approaching the historic Foot and Walker Pass.


Here they are clearly descending the back side of Foot and Walker Pass. (clearly?)


Hint from the previous photo.


Another memorable stretch, crossing the dry lake bed with Blaire Valley aid station coming into view. Do you see our boys?

LB50_F&W3 - Zoom

Hint from the previous photo.


Our Lost Boys from this week: Gabe, BJ, Joe, Melanie, and Mary Lou!





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