Lost Boys desert run February 27, 2016

Come check out the lower desert section of the Lost Boys 50 Mile course. All are welcome to participate, even if you are not planning to run the LB50.

    • WHEN: Saturday February 27, 2015. 7:00AM
    • WHERE: We will meet at the “Blaire Valley Aid Station” along the S2 highway at Green highway mile marker 24.
      From there we will carpool to the start line of the LB50 at Pinyon Wash
      (which is at white highway mile marker 81 along Highway 78).Here is a map of the trail-head meeting place:



  • DISTANCE/RUN DESCRIPTION: From Pinyon Wash we will run the first 18 miles of the course ending back at our cars at the Blaire Valley Aid Station. The open desert stretch will be marked with ribbon but the dirt roads/trails will likely not be marked.
  • Print or save to your phone the turn-by-turn directions on the maps page.
  • Also the Drive Directions page describes how to get to the Blaire Valley Aid Station.
  • Water will be dropped at the Pinyon Mountain Valley Aid Station location (12 miles into the run)
  • RSVP: Yes, since we are carpooling an RSVP is required Click here.

Hope to see you there!

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1 Response to Lost Boys desert run February 27, 2016

  1. mary lou lackey says:

    I am able to go to the training run. I can help the slower runners orientate themselves to navigate the first part of the course. I look forward to the training run.

    Mary Lou

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