Six Brave Souls – LB50 training run

Six brave souls showed up for today’s 20 mile run on the Lost Boys 50 Mile course. At 7:20am it was cold and started to rain and the rain became more substantial as we approached the 7:30 launch – we each stayed warm in our cars as long as possible. At 7:28 there was actually a light sprits of snow! It may seem we were in for treacherous weather for the day but that was not necessarily so. Sure we had scattered showers and chilly temps on the mountain (I’m guessing high 30’s to low 40’s up top), but the rain was never severe, and as long as we kept moving the coldness was a welcome change from our long hot San Diego summer. I guess perspective is important because to the six of us, this is what we expected and what we came for.

Most runners had never been to the area; it was great to share in their new experience and show them the trails.



Look careful, do you see snow?





Just starting out, on our way to connect with the official course. (Photo by Rheeah)


Good to see the Cuyamanca creeks flowing again (Photo by Rheeah).


Approaching the top of Cuyamaca Peak (Photo by Rheeah).

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